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I make daily posts here which are also on the FB group page.

We can all share questions and additional recipes that may be useful. I have many more to share during the programme aside from those appearing in the Ebook.

For those who have not followed the programme before, please make time to watch the 4 short webinars. There are also some expert videos and 2 more live events to take place during the programme.

This week is the preparation for many, not all, so here is a little summary to help get you off to a fantastic start.

In advance of starting your programme, I suggest thinking of ways in which to replace your bread and yogurt if they are daily staples for you. There is some local support from Fong for bread. Vegan yogurts are good, but check again for additives and sweeteners.

I will be going through the gluten, dairy, eggs, caffeine over this week to explain WHY they are suggested to omit for the programme (eggs just 7 days unless VEGAN). In a nutshell, all can slow down the body’s ability to detoxify effectively and/or impact the gut which is “first pass” or start of DETOXIFICATION, before the blood gets to the liver.

It can take time to make changes to your diet and lifestyle, especially if it is a stressful and busy one, and some habits are simply harder to break than others. Do not let this put you off though. If you can achieve one positive change at a time, you are still taking steps in the right direction; health is not a race, after all.

So for those who may need a little more time before hitting the programme “RUNNING” – this is how you can help yourself this week.

  1. Reduce intake of black tea and coffee by a cup a day so that the day of the programme you are not including these drinks. Try to find other alternatives such as Rooibos tea, chicory root and any other herbal teas, including green teas, but excluding black tea.
  2. Reduce sugary items and processed foods from your diet.
  3. Clean out the fridge and cupboards so that you are not tempted by treats that are hiding there.
  4. Stock up on some cupboard essentials you may like to use throughout the programme. There is a food list in your Ebook.
  5. If you want to help supper detox pathways try to get some Epsom bath salts, a body brush and order supportive supplementation (optional).
  6. Start thinking of getting to bed a little earlier – Make your sleeping environment a haven that encourages sleep by removing electronic items such as iPhones, iPads, pc`s and laptops from the bedroom.
  7. Borrow a food processor (optional), blender/juicer from a friend if you don’t have one and are keen to make soups, smoothies and juices.
  8. Buddy up with other group members to support each other when you feel the going is a little rough! 9. Complete the questionnaire found in your Ebook so you can see how things may change during the course of your programme!

Some more posts to follow this week to prepare you for your CLEANSE – Any questions ask away!

Christine x

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