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Hello all and happy Friday 🙂

I know we approach another weekend which can be harder than weekdays for some, but make time to look after yourself and support your own personal goals. Take time to make plans now!

“Fat loss” isn´t a goal for many, but I know some are interested in why they may hold onto fatty tissue more than others. One reason may be environmental toxins (although hormones are implicated too)

A fatty liver is an obstacle to weight loss and good health because it is storing fat and toxins. Toxins overload the detoxification pathways in your liver and also block enzymes that burn fat; Pollutants bind to your fat cells and they are mostly found in fatty tissue.

Many toxins are fat soluble and must be made water soluble by your liver to be able to be eliminated from your body in water soluble liquids such as bile, sweat and urine. These toxins keep building up inside your body, year after year.

Obesogenic compounds (fat-soluble toxins and heavy metals) make your fat cells grow bigger, damage both your mitochondria and the beta cells (insulin producers) in your pancreas. This creates the perfect storm for insulin resistance, diabetes and obesity. Many of these pollutants are also considered endocrine-disruptors. Fat tissue acts as an endocrine organ and releases hormones such as leptin that regulate your appetite, satiety and ability to burn calories. Furthermore, endocrine-disruptors can slow down thyroid function which can slow your metabolism.

If your fat cells are loaded with these unhealthy toxins, when you diet and exercise not only do your cells release fat, they also release these obesity-causing toxins back into your bloodstream. This is where a healthy liver becomes vital to break down these toxins into less harmful water soluble forms so they can be eliminated from your body before they damage your endocrine glands.

So following the tips of exercising, switching out toxic products where you can, eating plenty of green leafy veggies, will all help in lowering your toxic burden and enable you to maintain a healthy weight and also improve your immune resilience 🙂

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