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How is everyone doing? Any one struggling with any parts of the programme?

Today we are looking at POOP!

To enable efficient removal of these toxins and others, it´s important we have regular bowel movement.

Bowel motility and pooping is an essential component to healthy toxic elimination. We should be moving our bowels at least 1-2 times per day and our food wastes should be getting out of our system within a 24 hour period.

This means that if we consume a meal at 12pm on Wednesday, then we should have eliminated all the waste from that meal by 12pm on Thursday at the latest. If the bowel material is able to sit in our intestines, it becomes a breeding ground for bad bacteria, yeast and parasites.

This leads to a fermentation and putrefaction process that allows for enormous amounts of endotoxins to be released throughout the bloodstream.

This massive release of toxic compounds can overwhelm the liver and slow down all the body’s ability to detoxify all together.

Be aware that bowel movements may change during the programme. If you feel they are sluggish, move more, drink more, ensure you are eating enough insoluble fibre and consider using magnesium citrate and vitamin C to speed things up.

Sluggish bowels can be related to low stomach acid and poor bile flow so consider bitter foods before eating, apple cider vinegar in water and ensuring you have enough veggies in your eating plan!

Also movement is essential and consider lymphatic massage to help the process 🙂

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