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Happy Friday to you all

Especially Well done if you this programme was new to you and you managed to make some positive changes to enable your liver (gallbladder, kidneys and lymph) to have a little rest. The body should be given it´s mini “vacations” to help it deal with the onslaught of toxins it faces daily. These mini-breaks ensure the body is stronger and more resilient.

Only a daily basis, I encourage balance – being a Libran  I suppose thats predictable (birthday tomorrow!)

Personally, I do live by many of the cleanse principles almost daily. Weekends I will enjoy a meal out, a glass of wine and a delicious desert. During the week I often enjoy one daily coffee and I can´t live without my 100% dark chocolate (25g bars) from Montezuma, but otherwise I eat the CLEANSE way. Since creating this programme back in 2015 I have also swapped out my hygiene and skincare products and those we use to clean in the home.

Try to consider where you can make small changes that may be more supportive you your own health goals. Balancing your blood sugars and avoiding perpetual insult by constant eating, poor food choices or too many stimulants, is probably the biggest area anyone can make changes to.

Somewhat independent of people’s choices, the things which in the past have been normally considered healthy, or at least neutral, are now becoming significant sources of toxins for people.

–Dr. Joseph Pizzorno

If you are interested in possible intolerances/sensitivities:

For those on the 21 day plan, I had suggested to remove foods that are linked with sensitivities from their diet for three weeks: wheat, rye, barley, spelt (gluten-containing), corn, all dairy (milk, yoghurt, cheese, butter), sugar, coffee and within reason alcohol, eggs for the first week.

At the end of your three weeks, I suggest reintroducing one food item at a time (although difficult if you are off out on various Easter eating trips!), taking about 2-3 days to test each one before moving onto the next. Having removed the food for three weeks, the immune system will normally create a bigger than normal reaction to any foods that it doesn’t like. Reintroduction symptoms may include nausea, bloating, constipation, diarrhoea, headaches, skin irritations, energy dips, etc.

For those on the shorter or lighter plan, it would be less easy to find out if you have an issue. 3 weeks of exclusion is the “normal” marker for avoiding a food which may be creating issues, although if a problem is chronic, it will mean a longer exclusion period.

If you feel you need further support with a health issue, do not hesitate to get in touch and book a private consultation.

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