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Coriander is one of the herbs that is excellent for helping bind to heavy metals (providing it is organic). It also contains a powerful antioxidant called linalool which helps to detoxify the liver and encourage bile production for improved digestion.

If we´ve had vaccines, taken antacids, dental fillings, use aluminium foil, use deodorants containing metals, regular tap water (in many instances), we are exposed to heavy metals, these metal residues bind to the brain, central nervous system and other internal organs. Chlorella has similar effects

Coriander and Chlorella contain chelating agents which bind to the metal and loosen their grip on the tissue to which it is attached. The blood and lymph tissue can then carry the metal particles out of the body.

I love adding coriander to most salads and veggie dishes, but also hummus. How do you eat coriander? Chlorella I prefer in a capsule as I´m not keen on the pond water taste.  However powders can be hidden in smoothies and soups.

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