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D-limonene is the potent chemical in the zest of lemon.

Hepatic-biliary (liver/bile) congestion is an increasingly common dis-ease dynamic – and a connection between systemic imbalances and disease that begins in the gut.

The D limonene from peel is so beneficial. This is the reason I used the peel in the DETOX Kombucha blend

D-limonene may be useful if you have difficulty in having at least one bowel movement per day. Gallstones that are primarily composed of cholesterol may also be a significant sign that you may need d-limonene, especially for women. Why?

D-limonene is a cholesterol solvent, and the vast majority of gallstones are cholesterol stones potentiated from over-saturation of cholesterol in bile.  Ideally we want to reverse hepatic-biliary congestion and thick, sluggish bile early on, prior to actual gallstone formation – or soon after when stones are small.  This is really important as more women than men get gallstones and even have their gall bladder removed.

The zest can also assist in breaking down mould, yeast and fungus to help protect the liver’s immune system. The rich calcium levels in lemons and limes bind to the vitamin C within them and both enter the liver to awaken a stagnant, sluggish and fatty liver helping to loosen and disperse fat cells. It may also protect the pancreas.

Add lemon zest to whatever you can.

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