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The liver has the ability to renew itself. This is very positive as it can become extremely scarred and damaged over time, with cells destroyed by toxins, bacterias and viruses. However the liver has difficulty renewing severely damaged tissue if someone’s not actively working on it.

It renews in thirds over a period of 9 years. Usually 3 months before a 3 year mark the renewal picks up speed. The same thing happens just before 6 years and 9 years. This cycle is the same for everyone!

However there is a caveat. Just because the cells are new, does not mean they are clean. If you’re not pulling out those trouble makers in between the new cells can become contaminated by cells and poisons of the past. This is why it’s important to cleanse on a regular basis throughout your life to maintain optimal immune resilience and health.

So when is your next major liver overhaul?

Just before your 36th, 45th, 54th, 63rd birthday?

Or when is the 3rd and 6th year major cell renewal period for you?

I have calculated that I will undergo a big cell renewal coming to the end of a 6 year period with the Autumn Cleanse.

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