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We all come into contact with in SMALL doses on a daily basis, so this repetitive exposure can build up over time and create issues, sometimes unseen.

When your toxic bucket overflows. Too much buildup can lead to symptoms like brain fog, digestive upset, fatigue, headaches, and skin problems. Even weight issues including food cravings, trouble losing weight, water retention or they may be the cause of menstrual problems such as PMS or other disorders (PCOs)

Toxins can reach us via many routes. They are found in the air we breathe (thanks to car exhaust and household paint), the food we eat (as additives or contamination from packaging), the cosmetics we use (which contain preservatives and antimicrobials), and the objects we touch (such as printer toner and flame-retardant fabrics). Some come from natural origins (such as lead and cadmium), but most are industrially manufactured.

They are categorised into 2 types and come in various disguises.

EXOTOXINS) – substances that come from outside of our body and make their way in.

  • Reactive undigested food residueswhich result from a heavy diet and/or poor digestion which ferment and create an acidic environment for damaging free radicals to thrive leading to health issues.
  • Environmental toxins: such as air and water pollution, cigarette smoke, alcohol, medications, chemicals in processed foods, pesticides, chemicals in cleaning products and toiletries, toxic metals, animal and insect bites etc.
  • Steroid hormonesincluding sex and stress hormones (OCP/HRT etc).
  • Electromagnetic Frequenciessuch as toxicity from microwaves, mobile phones, computers, WiFi, TV screen and many more.

(ENDOTOXINS) – substances produced internally by the body or microbes living in the body – which many of us ignore!

  • Lipopolysaccharidesfrom the wall of gram negative bacteria such as E Coli and Klebsiella living in the gut.
  • Gut imbalances:Toxins secreted from the inside of pathogenic microorganisms (parasites etc)
  • Mycotoxins: produced by mould; from contaminated buildings, some foods, or as secondary metabolites inside our body

Try to make some changes this week such as switching off the WIFI whilst you sleep, Avoiding TV before bed and try listening to music, reading or talking to a friend, take a bath with Epsom salts. Avoid putting on make-up if it´s the type filled with chemicals. All small changes make a BIG difference. Filter water and avoid plastic bottles. Free yourself of negative emotions.

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