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It´s the final week of your Cleanse & Reboot.  I will be posting about the benefits of ending your cleanse with a 24hour fast over the next few days (optional for those acclimatised and used to my programme)

Just some information to consider when you are out shopping for food this week and for when you move on from your cleanse at the end of the week.  All small changes can bring big benefits to your health and that of your family.

Many of us all live in areas where it is relatively easy to find organic produce. It is often more expensive, but given the potential for reduced health if toxin exposure is persistent, it is sometimes worth addressing where it may be possible to make changes. Maybe you´ll understand why after this post.

Take 1 minute 30 seconds of your time to watch this clip:

A non-organic apple has an average of 16 different pesticides applied to it at least 36 times by the time we get to consume it.

If we’re eating abnormally fatty meats injected with hormones and antibiotics and some dosed with preservatives, are we honouring our health?

Washing or peeling fruit and vegetables can potentially reduce exposure to pesticides as some residues that appear on the surface will be eliminated, particularly traces of soil which may contain harmful bacteria. However, although washing or peeling will reduce the level of pesticides found on the outside of an item, they are unlikely to remove all pesticide residues. This is because many of the pesticides used are ‘systemic’, meaning that they are actually absorbed by a plant when applied to seeds, soil, or leaves and the residues are therefore contained within the body of the produce itself.

The younger the child, the more “risk” they have for a higher toxic burden which can affect their health. In fact the newborn has approximately 270 chemicals in it´s little body from exposures picked up from it´s mother and some of these have been linked to an increase in childhood diseases being reported.

Organic farming keeps toxic chemicals out of the environment, and out of our food. Conventional farming relies heavily on agrochemicals. Recent research has concluded that some are toxic to human and animal health. A very small quantity of the many agrochemicals that exist today have been tested on humans.…/organic-is…

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