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Good morning everyone.

I hope most of you are still “hanging in there” with the programme?!

For those who plan to finish their cleanse with a 24 hour fast here are some details.

When in a fasted state for 24hours or more there is time for a burst of stem cells into the gut which help to repair the mucosal lining where many often experience inflammation.

90% of microbes live in your gut and extending a fast to 24 hours invigorates the microbes which are critical for a healthy immune system and create neurotransmitters which help to fuel the brain and leave it calm and focused. It is particularly useful if you have been taking antibiotics recently as these can alter the microbial balance and create more dysbiosis. Replenishing the gut by recharging the stem cells repair to the intestinal terrain is possible.

Combine afterwards with foods that feed the good gut bacteria (and not alcohol which will wash the hard work away).

Only attempt this at the end of a cleanse programme so that the detox pathways are operating effectively and can deal with any toxins released by bad gut microbes. Remember, leave for another time if it is the week before a monthly “bleed”.

These pathways include the lymph, intestines, kidneys and skin so massage, sweating, dry brushing, moving and Epsom bath salts are particularly useful before and during your fast. It is possible to use binders such as zeolites or activated charcoal. These can grab onto toxins, including heavy metals and help remove them from the body.

Also add electrolytes to water during your food fast.

It is possible to feel more tired, so go to bed early, make time for a power nap, sit and rest and allow your body to heal. This is normal when your mitochondria, the cells energy creators, are repairing. Removing toxins from these powerhouses makes them perform better.

Important Note: If you try and are unsuccessful it may be due to poor microbial diversity which helps regulate blood sugar. How: your microbes have a direct connection to your liver via the portal vein. When in a fasted state they send a message to the liver to switch to FAT-BURNING energy system. If these good microbes are missing and outnumbered by poorer microbes the liver won´t get the signal and make it harder to remain in a fasted state.

Also if you are insulin resistant (many are without realising) it can be harder to complete a fast.

Let me know if you plan to include this at the end of your programme and if you need support, or want tips let me know. I have of course, tried and tested this.

Tips to break your fast:

1) Drink bone broth which is rich in glycine and helps support the gut.

2) Eat probiotic rich meal with fat. Sauerkraut, kefir, organic fermented yogurt

3) Steamed veggies

4) Finally add in a little protein.

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