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Hello all,

For most tomorrow is officially the first day of your cleanse. Some started earlier and others will start later. Some of you are experienced “Cleansers” whilst for others this may be your first time – we are here to support each other. Some things may seem overwhelming if it is your first time. Just do your best 😊 The programme tends to be easier once repeated, so for first timers it is a learning curve.

The Cleanse programme is designed to inspire you with healthy and positive ways to support your diet and lifestyle. We do know that health is not a case of  ‘one-size-fits-all’. Some people can make changes more easily than others, some feel the benefits more quickly than others; some need more support; others have progress hindered by factors beyond their control (life events, medication, health conditions, genes, etc.).

My overall Message is “Keep it REAL 😊”

Everyone has a different starting point, but where-ever you are, changing what you eat can be tough. There are old habits to break, new ones to form, new skills to learn, along with sometimes the uncomfortable feeling of giving up something that may be giving you temporary feelings of pleasure, like sugar and coffee (STIMULANTS!) Research has shown that these create psychological dependency in many so for some it can feel like an addiction withdrawal when we cut them out. The key is to focus on YOU and not compare yourself to anyone else, as we all have completely different genetic make-up.

So by eating the foods in the programme we are rewiring neuronal habits away from the high sugar, high fat plus refined carbohydrate which also negatively impact our gut flora and our immune systems. Over the course of the programme the bad bacteria will start to wither and break down and as they do so they may also release toxins that may make you feel lower in energy and sleepy. Take time out for rest and relaxation to get through this if you are experiencing symptoms.

The good news is that this will pass fairly quickly if you focus on sleep, eating well, and adding in some lymphatic movement/massage.
Perfect adherence to any plan is near impossible, but if you manage 90% you will be bringing down any inflammation, balancing blood sugar levels and increasing energy and immune reserves.

Your diet is the bedrock of your immune health so getting it primed now will make a huge difference to your resilience. If you can make any changes to reducing your toxic burden, then you will be further supporting all bodily cells and improve immune resilience.

Please share your questions and if you don’t wish to post a question publicly, then write to my private email address.

Over this week I will post a little on toxins around the home to watch out for, which will slowly link into the presentation on Thursday evening looking at Toxins in the home.

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