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Today is officially ”KICK OFF” for those following the dates of the plan.  For those who have already started, do let us know how you are getting on.  If we can share thoughts and tips on the Facebook group it is really supportive for others.

Many of us feel like we need an internal “clean up” a couple of times a year.  This is so beneficial to maintaining good health.

If you have already heard the short presentation on the membership page, you will have learnt that we have a huge exposure to toxins. The toxic burden placed upon our bodies every single day is huge.


The dietary suggestions are there to help reduce the dietary “toxic burden” and lighten the load for your liver to do it´s job, whilst enabling the release of toxins that get stored away in fat tissue.  If you feel “sluggish” and tired during the first few days it is likely due to the release of toxins from fat tissue into the bloodstream for excretion in addition to the body not relying upon “quick energy” from sugary treats 😉.  This is why staying hydrated, moving and sleeping are really important during this first week.  Let me know how you manage during the first few days, and get in touch if you need help!


So what is a toxin?  If you google this word, this is what can come up:

Toxins are substances created by plants and animals that are poisonous (toxic) to humans. Toxins may also include some medicines that are helpful in small doses, but poisonous in large amounts. Most toxins that cause problems in humans come from germs such as bacteria.


However, a toxin is a substance we also come into contact with in SMALL dose on a daily basis, so the explanation on google is not entirely correct.

Toxins can reach us via many routes. They are found in the air we breathe (thanks to car exhaust and household paint), the food we eat (as additives or contamination from packaging), the cosmetics we use (which contain preservatives and antimicrobials), and the objects we touch (such as printer toner and flame-retardant fabrics). Some come from natural origins (such as lead and cadmium), but most are industrially manufactured.

They are categorised into 2 types and come in various disguises.

This is not an exhaustive list.

External factors (EXOTOXINS) – substances that come from outside of our body and make their way in.  

  • Reactive undigested food residues which result from a heavy diet and/or poor digestion. These residues can ferment and create an acidic environment for damaging free radicals to thrive which may then encourage visual or non-visual health issues.
  • Environmental toxins: such as air and water pollution, cigarette smoke, alcohol, medications, chemicals in processed foods, pesticides, chemicals in cleaning agent and toiletries, dental materials, toxic metals, animal and insect bites, exogenous micro-organisms and MORE.
  • Steroid hormones including sex and stress hormones (OCP/HRT etc).
  • Electromagnetic Frequencies such as toxicity from microwaves, mobile phones, computers, WiFi, TV screen and many more.


Internal factors (ENDOTOXINS)substances produced internally by the body or microbes living in the body

  • Lipopolysaccharides from the wall of gram negative bacteria such as E Coli and Klebsiella living in the gut.
  • Gut imbalances: Toxins secreted from the inside of pathogenic microorganisms (parasites etc)
  • Mycotoxins: produced by mould; from contaminated buildings, some foods, or as secondary metabolites inside our body


Here is a “researched” reminder of why this programme is going to support your health:

“In a colossal toxicological experiment carried out over the last few decades, there has been the unprecedented production and release of tens of thousands of chemical agents into the environment without sufficient consideration for human safety and without credible testing to secure the absence of danger or harm.”

Genius and Kyrillos (2017)

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