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How are you feeling today? Those who have managed to cut out caffeine, how are you feeling? My first 3-4 days can be tricky. I have to find my alternatives and have them ready. This may be mint or mint and licorice tea, chicory granules mixed with frothy plant based milk, or a strong matcha tea. What are your coffee substitutes?

Moving on from the post yesterday


Heat causes the bisphenol to leach into food or water. Use glass or stainless steel for water to prevent absorbing these oestrogenic particles.

Storing fatty or acidic food (such as tomatoes) in plastic will increase the migration of chemicals out of plastics into food:

  • Heat
  • Oil
  • Acidity
  • Abrasion

Heating plastics in the microwave, or placing hot foods in them, can dramatically increase the amount of chemicals that leach into your foods (same as heat on water bottles). Similarly, oily and acidic foods (any kind of fat, tomatoes, vinegar based foods) can also increase migration, so avoid putting oily foods like soups into plastics.

Have you ever had a plastic food storage container that was stained orange after containing something made with tomato sauce? Usually these oily, acidic foods are added to storage containers when they are hot. You may notice the container is permanently stained orange. This also means that there are plastic molecules in your sauce.

What steps have you made at home to reduce plastics? OR what changes may you now make?


Guess where they go? Yes, YOUR LIVER!!!

All bisphenol passes into the liver then into bile and out through your intestines or urine.

For the phase 1 part of detoxification certain enzymes help convert the bisphenol into another toxic element that is a little easier to pass through the system.

For phase 2 you are reliant upon a well-functioning glucuronidation or sulfation pathway (phase 2 pathways) OR excellent levels of GLUTATHIONE to excrete the end product.

How to help:

  • Support the liver; eat quality foods high in glutathione
  • Include as many fresh plant foods rich in natural antioxidants as you can.
  • Ensure you are pooping daily (this means plenty of fibre from plant foods)
  • Drink plenty of filtered water (with ginger/lemon is great)
  • Avoid alcohol.

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