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TODAY IS PREP DAY 3 – and all about Dairy!

Have you checked out the questionnaire and tried to complete it before the programme starts? It´s a really good idea to do in advance of starting the programme so you can see if anything changes when you finish (this will be dependent upon compliance 😉! )

I know many really enjoy their yogurts and I believe that a little ORGANIC natural yogurt, and some cheese now and again is harmless for most. However here is a little explanation as to why DAIRY is eliminated from the cleanse programmes:

Most dairy products are highly refined by processes known as homogenisation and pasteurisation in order to prolong the “shelf life”.
Pasteurisation is used to kill off bacteria, but in the process milk enzymes and vitamins are destroyed, so nutritional benefits become void!

Homogenisation gives milk a creamier consistency but it changes the size and shape of milk fat and has been associated with creating more inflammation in the body.

80% of the protein in cows milk comes from casein which is a difficult protein to digest. Casein is added to some non dairy alternatives such as rice milk as a preservative so always check labels!

It´s the casein that is the issue for this programme: Exposure to high levels of casein has the same immune response of inflammation as to gluten.
If the gut has any damage along it´s lining (which I would take a good guess, is pretty much all of us!), the milk proteins can make it worse:

  1. It stops the formation of glucosamine in the gut lining, thereby creating a leaky gut. This sets the stage for systemic inflammation as items can then pass through the gut wall to the blood stream that would normally remain in the gut. (Glucosamine is known to help repair the mucosal-lining defensive barrier in our small intestine.)
  2.  It impairs immune system development in the gut and the maturation of important immune cells known as T helper cells – this can lead to autoimmune disease, asthma, allergies, diabetes.
    Other symptoms related to casein: Skin reactions such as hives, a rash, or red, itchy skin. Nasal congestion, sneezing, runny nose, itchy eyes, coughing, or wheezing.
  3. Dairy creates a mucous “slime” in the lining of the gut that prevents the absorption of some nutrients as well as causing gut inflammation.

With regards to the supporting the liver during the cleanse, dairy is excluded they can slow down the release of bile by aggravating the gallbladder. This is a big focus during this cleanse.

Dairy tends to thicken the bile and making it less fluid and therefore it has a harder job moving toxins out of the body.
See if you can make the switch to a plant milk more regularly and if you like cheese, eat as a treat rather than daily consumption and/or moderate portion sizes. Basic nut milk recipes are available on the internet.

There are plenty of good vegan cheeses around and nutritional yeast can replace a parmesan in pestos etc during your cleanse.
Organic butter has very few milk solids so is tolerated more easily, but try switching to ghee, olive, coconut and nut based oils during your cleanse 🙂.

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