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Sugar suppresses the immune system making it inefficient in fighting off infections. As we move towards the colder months, we need our immune systems to be as strong as possible. Any form of sugar will suppress the white blood cells activity.

Sugar in any form will contribute to increased fat storage and inflammation. This is why I exclude even dried fruits and fruits high in the fruit sugar called fructose – it is to free up the burden upon the liver in having to use resources in breaking it down.

Alcohol is a TOXIN. That´s the bottom line.

To detoxify alcohol the liver uses up the essential master antioxidant called GLUTATHIONE – the key nutrient required to help break down most chemical toxins through the liver.

When we drink alcohol it affects the permeability of the gut – makes it leaky, enabling anything to pass through the protective layers of the intestines into the bloodstream. When alcohol meets your gut cells it activates an enzyme called CYP2E1 which detoxifies the alcohol. During this process damaging free radicals are released which can be neutralised by glutathione. BUT only if there is ENOUGH GLUTATHIONE. One glutathione gets depleted (genetic mutations, age, diet etc) the free radicals multiply and alcohol leaks into the body. When intestinal cells are damaged by alcohol they enable the increased entry of ENDOTOXINS.

Also, for females….once we move into perimenopause we have a reduction in the enzyme required to break down alcohol (alcohol dehydrogenase) – This means our tolerance to alcohol decrease quite substantially on top of the thinner Blood Brain Barrier, and we have worse effects after drinking than we may have experienced in the past.

So for 12 days eliminate alcohol 🙂 This will enable your body to become stronger – so improving immune resilience.

Those following the longer programme may have 1 glass on Friday and Saturday of their second weekend, although if you´ve listened to my Instagram Live recording with Lindsey Beveridge on the 19th September, you may actually decide that alcohol isn´t for you after all.

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