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If you have time this weekend, think about doing some batch cooking to help you through your first few days of the Cleanse.

All of us have various things to juggle to planning is really important to give you the best start to your cleanse.

I always try to prepare my favourite “Cleanse Friendly” meals in advance and freeze a couple of portions if I know I have a busy week ahead, or at least ensure I’ve the ingredients available and ready to cook! This really does help me through the first 4-5 days. If you are working all day or a busy mum running around after small kiddies, planning is absolutely KEY.

Another tip is to keep healthy snacks in your car/handbag if you know you are running around all day and may have trouble finding food to suit you. Crudites will keep in a little tub too.

I love mixed salads for my first meal which often includes roasted veggies from the previous evening’s meal (if any leftovers!). I also like to have some hummus and seeded crackers as a quick go to and top with avocado and microgreens. All possible to purchase if local to myself from Fong, Arianna, Elsa.
A quick afternoon pick me up is sliced apple and almond butter and the dehydrated pears dipped in chocolate. If I am really hungry I take some coco Abbot Kinney yogurt and seeded granola (Arianna).

Favourite and SIMPLE meals for myself are: Amelie Freers Thai Salmon (made in one pan), white fish or chicken with leeks, spinach, broccoli and pre-soaked rice or noodles (with plenty of lemon juice/zest and a little coco-milk added), Roasted sweet-potato with stir fried mixed veggies and a tahini dressing, green Thai curry (Jessica recipe), roasted salmon with lemon, parsley and pistachio topping.

Tomorrow will be a day of ONLINE PEACE before we KICK off with more information on Monday 26th September.

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