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Today is officially ”DAY 1” of the programme.

Firstly, I would like you to ”do your best”. Overwhelm is easy if it´s the first time you´ve followed the programme, but stressing yourself makes everything even harder. That´s not what we want.

The programme is designed to provide an internal “clean up” a couple of times a year. This is so beneficial to maintaining good health and keeping you younger. The food groups we remove are those considered to create the greatest inflammatory response in the body. Regular consumption of pro-inflammatory foods can have a long lasting negative effect on the expression of genes!

I also hope for you to become aware of the toxins in your personal environment and make changes where possible. These have a negative impact upon body systems over time.

There is a short presentation on the membership page, so make sure you listen to these if you´ve not already done so.

We all have toxins in our bodies, which tend to accumulate more as we age. It’s like having a bucket that starts filling even before we’re born except it’s not literal water, but a proverbial “toxin load” of chemical poisons and pollutants.

Did you know,  the umbilical cord of infants may contain well over 200 chemicals? Every day, even before we are born, our buckets are filled with environmental toxins like air pollution or heavy metals found in food and water. We also create toxins within our bodies thanks to stress hormones and metabolic byproducts created during digestion. Some people even have genetic variations that make their buckets bigger or smaller—meaning some of us can handle more toxins than others without feeling the effects.

It’s important to understand that everyone has a different capacity for handling toxic load and that there are steps you can take to reduce it. Your genetics affects how much toxin can fit into your bucket before it starts overflowing. Some people have bigger buckets than others, meaning they can store more toxins without showing symptoms. But everyone has a limit – when too many toxins are added and the bucket is full, it can lead to health such as chronic fatigue, headaches, hormonal imbalances, or digestion issues amongst other ailments.

By reducing the dietary “toxic burden” and lightening the load for your liver to carry out is numerous functions, it will be able to process and remove toxins more easily which reduces the amount in your “bucket”. The liver works in conjunction with other body systems and we will be going through these over the next week or two.

If you feel “sluggish” and tired during the first few days it is likely due to the release of toxins from fat tissue into the bloodstream for excretion in addition to the body not relying upon “quick energy” from sugary treats or refined carbohydrates. This is why staying hydrated, moving and sleeping are really important during the first few days of your cleanse.

It´s a good idea to complete the toxin questionnaire on page 46-48 of the pdf book (print a couple of copies out). I have also sent an energy questionnaire by email which you may find useful to complete before and after your programme.

Let me know how you manage during the first few days, and get in touch if you need help!

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