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It´s my birthday, so feeling very grateful for another turn around the sun. I am a Libran, the sign of BALANCE and for those who know me well, also know that BALANCE is what I aim for with all I do.  No extremes.  A comfortable balance. This is also true when it comes to the programmes I design.  The body will always seek balance too and when this becomes impossible, health can be impacted.


The Need for Detoxifying the Body

Various organs in the body are naturally designed to eliminate toxins. These are the lymphatic system, the large intestine, the liver and kidneys, the skin, and the lungs.

However, very often some of the toxin removal canals become blocked, as in the case of constipation.

When the toxins entering the body exceed its natural detoxification capacity, the liver’s detoxification system is overloaded. The continuous cleaning process can exhaust organs such as the liver and result in impaired toxin removal and in high levels of toxins accumulating in the body.

This is the reason why, over a period of time, the body’s detox organs need a helping hand!

Detoxing and cleansing your body of toxins periodically can help counteract some of the damage caused by the various toxins mentioned above.

Who is particularly at risk

Living stressful and hectic lifestyles, feeling tired and over-worked often and having various hormonal issues are all signs of toxin overload.

– Do you regularly eat ready meals and packaged foods?

– Do you have food cravings often?

– Do you often overindulge in food and drink?

– Do you have skin problems?

– Do you have constipation?

All the above are also indications that your body is in need of healing from toxic overload. It needs a helping hand in releasing these chemicals and could greatly benefit from a balanced cleanse or detox programme.

My top tips:

Take time to breathe deeply (no counting necessary, just expand your ribcage and breathe out gently through the mouth to let the air out.

Prioritise sleep.  If you are struggling, seek help!

Move daily and aim to get a little “sweaty”

Ensure you are getting some protein with every meal and plenty of antioxidants and B vitamins from seasonal plant foods.

Support your gut.  Eat enough fibre and poop daily!

Switch out any hygiene products that may have chemicals in them when you next run out.

Most importantly LISTEN to your body.  A symptom, whatever it may be, is a SIGN that something isn´t in balance.

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