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Hello all!
Today is my last daily post and a little easier to digest. Just a personal message from MEĀ šŸ™‚

There has been a lot of information shared within my daily posts and on the membership page. Hopefully there has been something within the programme for you all to learn and/or use. It is impossible to cover all areas in a programme, but I hope I have covered the main areas for you!

Our requirements change with time, so depending upon where you are “in your hormonal journey”. It is possible that your requirements change over the course of the next year or two, especially if currently in the peri-menopause stage and also for those entering menopause (12 months after your periods stop) and becoming post menopausal. It is possible that: Energy levels change, vaginal and other skin areas change, cognitive abilities change, cardiovascular and blood sugar readings change. With these changes your body will need a different approach.

The earlier you start working and preparing on the fundamentals of hormone health, the easier the transition may be.
It is important to keep the fundamentals in placeĀ regardless of choosing to take HRT or not.Ā This means working on all of these as GROUNDWORK:
  1. Optimising Sleep
  2. Avoiding Negative Stressors
  3. Eating a nutrient dense plant foods including those with phyto-oestrogens (which have a balancing effect upon oestrogen receptors in the body therefore they are very useful for females with a family history of hormonal BC).
  4. Managing sugar levels which includes liquid sugar – ALCOHOL. If you have skin tags appearing under your arms
  5. Avoid Smoking
  6. Avoid chemicals in items you use daily (with oestrogenic properties)
For those that do have symptoms, or a family history of hormonal issues it may be worth considering the Lifecode Gx hormone pathway genetic test which will give you an idea of which types of oestrogen you are likely to produce more of, whether your body is managing to detoxify the oestrogens well, how sensitive you are to stress, are the progesterone pathways sluggish which could increase anxiety levels.
This page remains open until the 20th December as does your membership page. I will check in on occasion to see if there are questions related to the programme. For personal questions, you may wish to consider a private consultation.
With health,

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