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Cleanse & Reboot

Online Health Programme

My Cleanse & Reboot Programme is about working with your body to nurture it and give it the resources it needs to detoxify effectively.

Short juice programmes do NOT support the natural pathways of detoxification, toxins are stored in body cells and take time to release into the bloodstream and leave the body. Shocking the body for sudden release can create unpleasant symptoms. Detoxification is a natural and continual process requiring optimal nutrition to support the detoxification pathways of the body.

In today’s world, the body accumulates more toxins than ever before placing a huge burden upon natural detoxification systems (your liver, gut, kidneys, lymph, gallbladder, skin and lungs). We are bombarded with chemicals not just in food and drink products, but also environmental toxins such as pesticides, preservatives, plastics, heavy metals, to name a few, even drug and alcohol residues can build up over time and overload the body triggering ill-health. All toxins are “managed” by our internal factory, known as the liver. Regular cleansing of the liver reduces the chance of toxic congestion and supports your immunity, energy and overall health.

Hello everyone. This is my second time doing this C&R. Being a chef and working with food every single day made me realise how much I “snack” and taste everyday. Most of the things I eat I don’t even think about I just put it into my mouth. Things I don’t even need to taste but I do it by reflex. I so unnecessary and just four days into this program things have started to change. Even faster than last time.

I don’t feel bloated anymore, my ears have stopped itching and my nose has stopped running, I sleep better, and I cope better with my very stressful job. I’m amazed what a change in habits and choice of food can do. Once again THANK YOU Christine Johanna Kjeldbjerg for this amazing programme 🙏🏼 and we’ve only just begun 💪

Marlene from Denmark

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If you’re looking for a way to show your liver some love, enhance your body’s detoxification capabilities, and hit the reset button on your health, then consider my signature “Cleanse & Reboot” programme. It is the perfect prescription to help you look and feel your best while simultaneously setting the foundation of healthy habits to optimise your health.


If you feel overwhelmed by a 21 day programme then opt for the shorter 12 days, or the LIGHT CLEANSE which does not remove all that is excluded from the optimal signature programme.

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Next course starts 23rd September 2024

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Just a few of the benefits often reported from clients following my cleanse programme

More energy, better sleep, clearer skin, feeling lighter, reduced sugar cravings, hormonal imbalances improved, no brain fog, regular bowel movements, weight loss, mental clarity…

Cleanse & Reboot Aims

  • Supporting the detoxification process and help manage our toxic burden.

  • Allow your body to reset and regain strength by supporting the body, especially the liver.

  • Assist in removing trigger inflammatory foods.

  • How to add in supportive foods.

  • Reduce toxins and support the detox pathways.

You Will Receive

  • A comprehensive 128 page ebook covering the entire Cleanse & Reboot programme incorporating an extensive range of recipes, supplement support, complete Cleanse food list, sleep aids, toxicity questionnaire and more.

  • Webinar videos to accompany and compliment the ebook to educate, guide and support you through your Cleanse journey.

  • Access to a wonderful private supportive Facebook group during the LIVE event

  • During the LIVE EVENT Cleanse & Reboot programmes usually carried out in Spring & Autumn I offer daily personal updates via the private Facebook group, additional recipes, sharing of ideas and me, responding to all your questions. For those that choose not to use facebook, no problem!

  • Simply login to your CK Health Club membership or log into your paid specific programme and all the daily updates are loaded on to a mini news site specifically created for your individual programme so you won’t miss a thing.

  • AND if you are joining a LIVE programme, keep tuned for the expert guests I invite on to discuss all things Cleanse providing educational input, answering your questions relating to toxic burden, how your genes affect detoxification pathways, lymphatic drainage and much more!

“I have been a dedicated yoga practitioner for over 25years, have an excellent diet and and active life. I do not exaggerate when I say I have not felt this good in years.”

Charles CartmellYoga Teacher -


I opted to do the cleanse following a very social summer and to pre-empt the excesses of Christmas. What I didn’t anticipate was becoming pain free of nagging achey limbs thanks to eliminating nightshade vegetables and losing a stubborn two kilos that had surreptitiously crept on in the last year or two. It’s not easy but Christine’s expert guidance and the support of the group makes it entirely doable. The benefits have been amazing, so much so that I am introducing a liquid day each week to try and hang onto the results.

K.H – Bar sur loup

Really really enjoyed this lifestyle change and one I hope to continue. I have lost 4kgs and I feel so much better for it. Clearly excesses were having more impact on my well being than I could ever have imagined. Thank you so so much for everything.

J.C. – Biot

Cleanse and reboot has given me a very clear understanding of how to eat for better health. Christine gave detailed explanations of how different food affects our bodies. Her knowledge is so impressive! Most importantly, she gave us huge support over the two weeks and kept us going. It has had amazing results – a clear head for the first time in months, sleeping deeply, feeling refreshed – the list goes on. I am incredibly grateful to Christine for teaching me how to eat for optimum health whilst still eating tasty food!

E.N – Le Rouret

I’ve really enjoyed the journey and feel like I’ve smashed it!! I’ve lost 5kgs as well as 3-4 inches on my hips and 2 on my waist which exceeds my expectations.

R.E. – Valbonne

I am so pleased that I was able to take part in the cleanse and reboot programme. I feel refreshed!! It has put me on the right track with regards to my naughty eating (and drinking) habits and I shed a few unwanted kilos at the same time … and am still shedding! I look forward to the next one! Really grateful to you for the healthy boost!! Thank you so much!!

J.B – Valbonne

Previous expert guests who have been invited to speak as part of the LIVE EVENT programme included:


A US based doctor renowned for his work with the lymphatic system who explains why the the lymphatic system is the body’s sewer system and if that gets backed up, you are more susceptible to ill-health.


Medical doctor and author of "Staying Alive in Toxic Times" who will gives top tips on toxin reduction. She has been helping people improve their health through toxin reduction for more than 20 years!


Exploring how genetics may affect detoxification processes, including alcohol, caffeine, BBQ´d food, medications. Chloe Lortal is Research & Development Lead at Lifecode Gx with an MSc Biotechnology & MSc Pharmaceutical Formulation who is passionate about Nutrigenomics, detoxification and Personalised Health.


Teaching how to use lymphatic drainage for the face and explains which products actually work as products should not just be natural, but work, too!


Looking at what makes a product sustainable and 100% clean. This company has been certified Plastic Negative!

For individuals following the Cleanse programme who are based in the South of France, local Cleanse programme regulars include – cooking demo with Hilly from Bon Bean Chocolate, support from Spicy Fig, Fong Grasser, The Nursery, Riviera Kombucha and more.