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Online Health Programmes

I am passionate about educating individuals to take control of their health, motivating them to sustain a healthy lifestyle which is why I’ve created these programmes so they can be accessed any time.

The Sugar Free Challenge will help you to adapt a sugar free lifestyle and will make you more mindful about what’s in your food. Complete with a healthy meal plan + simple tips. The LIVE programme is offered once a year.

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The Cleanse and Reboot programme focusses upon reducing the toxic burden placed upon the body which can lead to a variety of symptoms such as headaches, brain fog, weight issues, hormone imbalance. The LIVE programme is offered twice a year: Spring and Autumn.

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The Hormone Harmony programme is to help women understand why hormonal balance is important and how best to maintain or regain this balance from pre-menopause to peri-menopause and into menopause. The LIVE programme is offered once a year.

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Book your 2024 Spring & Autumn Cleanse for only €99

This Special Offer Package includes full access to my Spring and Autumn Cleanse & Reboot programmes. All courses must be completed or followed during 2024.

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Hello everyone. This is my second time doing this C&R. Being a chef and working with food every single day made me realise how much I “snack” and taste everyday. Most of the things I eat I don’t even think about I just put it into my mouth. Things I don’t even need to taste but I do it by reflex. I so unnecessary and just four days into this program things have started to change. Even faster than last time.

I don’t feel bloated anymore, my ears have stopped itching and my nose has stopped running, I sleep better, and I cope better with my very stressful job. I’m amazed what a change in habits and choice of food can do. Once again THANK YOU Christine Johanna Kjeldbjerg for this amazing programme 🙏🏼 and we’ve only just begun 💪

Marlene from Denmark

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Disclaimer: All courses are not intended as a replacement for medical advice in any way. Always check with your GP or nutritionist before making big changes to your diet or taking new supplements and if you have any concerns about symptoms.