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What an inspirational group you have been and well done to those new to my programme. I hope you all took something positive away from your experience.

I have added a reminder of my AIMS for those following the programme.

Here is a “researched” reminder of why this programme is supportive to our health:

“In a colossal toxicological experiment carried out over the last few decades, there has been the unprecedented production and release of tens of thousands of chemical agents into the environment without sufficient consideration for human safety and without credible testing to secure the absence of danger or harm.”

Genius and Kyrillos (2017)


My cleanse programme is designed to optimise the elimination of toxins from the body and cleanse the digestive system. It should also:

  • teach you how to avoid toxins in food and the products you use
  • re-boot and rebalance your body
  • ensure optimal functioning ofeach toxin elimination organ
  • support the body’s ability toexcrete toxins
  • increase your vitality
  • promote overall good health
  • support a healthy immunesystem andrepair some of the damage done by toxin overload
  • protect the body frompremature ageing.

Take Home Message

  • The world around us is not asclean and pure as it once was.
  • The toxins entering the bodyoften exceed its detoxification capacity, resulting in chronic health problems,fatigue and disability.

Ideally all of us should follow a 15-30 days detox program once or twice a year which is why I run mine each Spring and Autumn.

I hope there is something you have learnt or changed and may continue to use going forward.

It´s the small changes we make that can make a profound change.

Have a lovely Sunday.

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