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Happy Friday to you all
Before those on the shorter programme finish their cleanse I wanted to express the importance of chemical avoidance in personal care products especially when it comes to reducing risk of breast cancer.  Research has shown that only 5-10 % of cancers are attributed to genes, so the majority of cases are linked to external factors where we are in control to regulate this.
Try to consider where you can make small changes that may be more supportive you your own health goals. Balancing your blood sugars and avoiding perpetual insult by constant eating, poor food choices or too many stimulants, is probably the biggest area anyone can make changes to.
Somewhat independent of people’s choices, the things which in the past have been normally considered healthy, or at least neutral, are now becoming significant sources of toxins for people.
–Dr. Joseph Pizzorno
A new study published in Environmental Health Perspectives identified over 900 chemicals linked to breast cancer risk.  Whilst its tricky to avoid all, reduction in daily exposure reduces risk, as does efficient lymph, liver, kidney function.
Of the 921 chemicals identified over 90% are ones which we are commonly exposed to via consumer products, personal care, food, pesticides and more.
A small percentage of BC risk may be attributed to genetics, but the vast majority are environmental in nature (not just chemicals, but nutrition, alcohol, drugs etc)
Here is the link to the paper:
What changes have you made over the past week – for those who have followed my programme before, are there some permanent changes you have made to your environment/use of products?
Please share:
I have toxin free skincare, hygiene products, cleaning products and good storage of food. There are still changes I need to make, but I have noticed a difference to my autoimmune condition with these changes.

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