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Hello to you all and a big welcome to the SPRING 2024 CLEANSE & REBOOT PROGRAMME.  This is my 10th year of running my signature bi-annual programme and I will be focusing a lot on the benefits of foods, herbs and spices.

We “KICK OFF” in a week and during the next few days I will make a daily post about the foods we will be avoiding, and why, during your programme.

I would encourage you to take some time this week to remove, eat or hide items that you may find “tempting” and to make sure you have stocked up on lots of colourful veggies and good protein sources by Saturday (shops may be closed on Easter Sunday and Monday).

There is a pdf which lists the foods you can enjoy during your programme so consider printing this off/saving to your phone and taking it to the shops with you.  Focus on local produce where possible, wash items well and look at the items listed in the pdf guide that ought to be organic (eg: apples, strawberries).

This programme is not just about food, but learning to reduce your toxic burden where possible.  It’s not expected that you make drastic changes overnight, but when it comes to replacing items, think of less toxic or toxin free replacements.  With ideas on skincare there is a pdf book within the website Cleanse page.  If you are looking for an app to put on your phone, there is one called cosmily you may wish to explore.

I would encourage you all to complete the toxin questionnaire on page 46/47 of the support guide, also shown as a standalone pdf to print off.

Please share your questions and if you don´t wish to post a question publicly, then write to my private email address.

I look forward to this Spring journey with you all.

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