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Hello all,

For most,  tomorrow is officially the start of the preparation week for your cleanse. Some chose to start now, others will start when we kick off on the 25th September or later. You adapt the dates to suit your lifestyle

Some of you are experienced “Cleansers” whilst for others this may be your first time – we are here to support each other. This week I encourage those of you “preparing” and who may be “first time cleansers”, to look through the PDF guide and try to prepare yourself for next week.

I will be going through the gluten, dairy, eggs, caffeine over this week to explain WHY they are suggested to omit for the programme (eggs just 7 days avoidance unless VEGETARIAN).

The excluded items can slow down the body’s ability to detoxify effectively and/or impact the gut which is where the process DETOXIFICATION begins, before the blood gets to the liver.

If you are a toast and jam morning person try to find alternatives you can eat. Take a look at the “bread recipes” and see if you or a friend will make an alternative for you, or consider buying a nice creamy coco yogurt and adding sugar free buckwheat granola and a handful of berries. Maybe a filling smoothie works for you.

If you have temptation at eye level at home, think about moving these items away for the duration of your cleanse or share them out before the programme starts.

Some things may seem overwhelming if it is your first time. Just do your best. The programme tends to be easier once repeated, so for first timers it is a learning curve which is why I also have the shorter 12 day option.

The Cleanse programme is designed to inspire you with healthy and positive ways to support your diet and lifestyle. We do know that health is not a case of ‘one-size-fits-all’. Some people can make changes more easily than others, some feel the benefits more quickly than others; some need more support; others have progress hindered by factors beyond their control (life events, medication, health conditions, genes, etc.).

We are all different, but here to support one another.

Over the next few days I will be “Preparing you” with information on why certain items are excluded from the programme.


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