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Dryness of the vagina, a burning and itching sensation, pain during intercourse. Does this sound familiar? If you have reached or perhaps passed menopause, chances are you have experienced these symptoms that are known clinically as “vaginal atrophy”.

It can be most unpleasant and besides hormonal therapy to compensate for the drop in oestrogen levels, which is the underlying cause, there is not much one can do. Or is there?

Well, according to a study of nearly 100 postmenopausal women with vaginal dryness, itching or burning, taking a supplement with sea buckthorn extract (SBE) offers significant relief. This is really valuable knowledge because unlike hormone replacement therapy, sea buckthorn extract is a natural supplement that does not cause side effects for anyone that may be sensitive to hormone treatment. It is a rich source of vitamin A, which is known to have a profound impact on the health of mucous membranes.

A total of 98 women completed the double blind, placebo-controlled study, in which they were randomly assigned to receive either three grams of sea buckthorn oil (capsules) daily or placebo. At the beginning and the end of the study, different scores of vaginal health were assessed by a gynecologist. Also, vaginal pH level and moisture level were measured, and the vaginal health index was calculated. Thinning, drying, and inflammation of the vaginal mucosa were evaluated through clinic visits and by daily log books. And finally, blood samples were drawn for the analysis of lipids, liver enzymes, and C-reactive protein (CRP). CRP is a known marker of inflammation.

What the study showed was that compared to placebo, those receiving sea buckthorn extract had a significantly better rate of improvement in the integrity of their vaginal mucosa. In general, there was a tendency toward improved vaginal health in the SBE group compared to the placebo group. Based on their findings, the researchers concluded that sea buckthorn oil is beneficial for vaginal health and may represent a viable treatment for those women who are unable to use oestrogen therapy (hormone replacement therapy). A biological bridge to the surroundings Vaginal discomfort is often a result of dry and dysfunctional mucosa in the vagina.

You can think of the mucous membranes as the body’s internal skin. We have them in our mouth, eyes, nose, ears, digestive tract, respiratory system, urinary and genital tract. Mucous membranes represent a biological bridge between the body and the surrounding environment, which means that they are constantly exposed to germs and other pathogens, pollutants, irritants, hormonal change, and other influential factors. Very useful for dry eyes – Dry eye syndrome is a common disorder that affects both genders and can severely impair a person’s quality of life. A 2016 study published in Journal of Nutrition, however, indicates that sea buckthorn oil is a useful remedy here, as well. It also helps with mouth dryness, another common complaint.…/seabuckthorn-oil-30-capsules

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