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Hello all and welcome to the Hormone Harmony programme.

I created this programme because I discovered a lack of useful information whilst progressing through the female “phases” into post menopause. It´s only recently we´ve seen a huge amount of focus upon “menopause” and I am grateful this is the case, but I am still finding that uch of the information “out there” is confusing or incorrect.

The purpose of this programme is to help you/your loved ones understand the intricacies of the steroid hormones which can easily become imbalanced and furthermore create awareness around the changes that are happening during pre/peri-menopause and into (post)menopause. I invite all to share their questions and experiences.

Understanding the different “phases” of hormone fluctuations moving through peri-menopause towards menopause and into post menopause helps a women prepare. Remember there is no “one size fits all” – your journey is personal to you but I hope you can find the information shared throughout this programme insightful.

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