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Nut and seed fish cakes

Serves 4

Fish cakes:
800g cod
100g chives
50g almonds
70g sesame seeds (toasted)
2 tablespoons extra version olive oil

25ml capers
50ml pickled cucumbers
10ml coco yogurt or crème fraiche if tolerated
Salt & Pepper

Remove any skin and bones from the fish then cut into small pieces and blend with the chives and almonds until you make a rough mince. Form the mince into approximately 16 fish cakes.
TIP: use two spoons dipped in water between each fish cake so they don´t stick.

Roll the fish cakes in sesame seeds and place onto a baking tray covered with oiled baking paper. Drop a little olive oil onto the fish cakes. Bake in the oven for 20 minutes at 200 degrees.

Chop the capers and cucumber finely and mix into the yogurt.
Alternatively serve with a simple hummus on salad:

EXAMPLE: Salad leaves with spiralized cucumber or thinly sliced, spring onion a little, toasted pumpkin seeds and extra virgin olive oil

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