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Summer spinach risotto

Serves 4

300g Carnaroli/risotto rice
1 liter veggie stock
250g spinach or kale (keep a little kale aside to roast with haselnuts as topping or some baby spinach leaves.
150g hazelnuts (without brown skin) – Keep a few per person to roast
150ml Olive oil
75g parmesan or 4 tablespoons nutritional yeast
1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil

Wash spinach or kale carefully and remove any hard stems. Blanch in hot (not boiling) water to soften. Blend the spinach or kale until you get a thin green paste. Add the hazelnuts and oil.

Add 50ml stock to the rice and bring to boil. Gently add remaining water over next 10 minutes until you have a creamy consistency.
Heat any hazelnuts/kale for a few minutes to add as topping.

Add parmesan or stir in the nutritional yeast (not on using heat). Gently stir in the green creamy paste and serve in bowls topped with a little extra virgin olive oil, a few toasted/chopped hazelnuts and roasted kale or fresh baby spinach, S&P to taste.

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