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Even if we are watching our sugar consumption, we may still have blood sugar issues from other foods that we eat. Typically things like rice and bread which are higher in starch may cause imbalances. However, this is different from person to person. Some react more to the sugars found in dairy products.

However there are small hacks that may help you manage insulin released by the pancreas in response to the food you have eaten.

Did you know that just 10 minutes of exercise after you eat can give you more balanced blood sugar levels and prevent a sudden energy crash later on?

Several studies have shown that just a small amount of movement can improve your insulin sensitivity if you are struggling to keep your levels balanced.

This movement could be walking, dancing, cleaning, gardening.

What happens? As glucose arrives into the bloodstream it is soaked up by the muscles and used for energy which leads to a smaller glucose spike. This means you avoid the “crash” that often follows 2 hours after eating a meal that may contain starchy carbs such as rice. There is less insulin release, reduced inflammation, steadier mood, happier organs 😊

Take a look at the graphs below, courtesy of The Glucose Goddess which illustrates the difference in blood sugar stability after eating a poke bowl, with and without exercise.

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