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Those who have followed since the programme started may have managed 7 days, 2 x 5 days or even 10-12 days of sugar free, lower carbohydrate and no processed and packaged foods.

It would be great for your body to keep this going as an 80:20 way of eating/drinking. Knowing where to pull back and adjust to make up for a meal out, a weekend away is a great tool to apply.
As you know it´s not what we consume between Christmas and New Year that is the issue, but what we manage to eat during the other weeks of the year.

Some of us are able to process certain foods easier than others, but that doesn´t mean they won´t be leaving signs of inflammation inside the body.
What have you learnt from this programme?

Have you managed to find different and healthier foods that have satisfied you?

If you didn´t make the changes you had hoped for, have you reflected on why this may be?

Do let me know how you got on!

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