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An active lifestyle with a balanced diet

I aim to educate, inspire and motivate my clients and support their health through lifestyle, fitness and nutrition strategies.

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Over the course of a relatively short period of time, Christine has given me the information, tools and confidence to take my health back into my own hands. She has the most beautiful way of working alongside you, fully supporting you and encouraging you every step of the way. Her attentive and committed approach has impacted my health and well-being in the most positive way.

Nicola Taylor

I suffered from gastro intestinal problems for 25 years, I had colonoscopies and was given all sorts of drugs which usually helped the symptoms but no doctors or specialist ever made me any better. Within 3 months of my first meeting with Christine everything started to improve. 14 months on and I am in really great shape, I have energy and vitality that I thought was gone for good and all because my gut is now working as it should. Christine knows her subject inside out, she’s thoughtful and meticulous and I really can not recommend her highly enough.

Hamish, 49

Christine has been so supportive and knowledgeable, she's always genuinely cared about how I am doing and checked in on me often and the results that I have experienced from her advice and insight have been life changing. I shout her praises to any woman that I meet that is dealing with changes in their bodies especially around hormone health. I'm able to live a happier life thanks to Christine truly.

Claire M, Nîmes

Christine is my go-to expert when I need any advice on my health and nutrition - For years, she has been absolutely wonderful at always listening and helping provide me with the most up to date info. I recently was diagnosed with Osteoporosis and Christine helped me so much more than my regular doctor, knowing exactly what I needed to do, to help put it into reverse and make sure I was not only getting the best nourishment, but also that I was able to digest it all too. One always feels like a priority in Christine’s care, she doesn’t think about time, just that everything is done throughly and with results. It is with such pleasure that I write this and hope that you have the joy of having her help you too.

Claire Ross Brown, Denmark

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